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Allied Technologies & Consulting (ATC) was awarded a $87.5 million contract to provide program management and command support services to the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (USAMMDA). This firm-fixed-price, time-and-materials hybrid contract (HT9425-24-F-0002) was awarded by the U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Agency. ATC, a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) will provide product management, medical and technical advisory, logistics, financial, administrative and command support services to support the medical product development mission as is necessary to facilitate full program coordination, management, policy development, execution, and oversight across all USAMMDA product development and acquisition areas. The effort allows for structuring and alignment of medical product development and support efforts to maintain an adequate balance among candidate programs in terms of risks, technical performance benefits, needs and timing factors to meet Joint Warfighter requirements. The task order has been issued from the General Services Administration’s Multiple Award Schedule. The place of performance is Fort Detrick, Maryland and the period of performance is March 29, 2024, to March 28, 2027. Our teaming partners include General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), Tunnell Government Services, Iatrikos Research and Development Strategies, and C2I Technologies.

ATC has been supporting military medical programs since 2001. ATC’s President, Mr. Intisar Abbasi, said “We are incredibly honored to support this important contract with USAMMDA. This opportunity to leverage our expertise in supporting the medical product research and development life cycle will not only serve our nation but also propel our company’s future.”



With February being Black History Month, let us take time to reflect on and honor the multitude of ethnic and cultural diversities and their enduring resilience, extraordinary accomplishments, and immense bravery in their ongoing struggle for the equality we all deserve. This month serves as an important reminder of the significance of equity, diversity and inclusion in our workplace and society. At Allied Technologies and Consulting (ATC), we recognize that our differences make us stronger, more innovative, and more able to overcome any challenges we may face. At ATC, we strive to be a workplace where we foster an environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected, and empowered.

At ATC, we are currently a team of 64% identifying as female and 36% identifying as male and 66% Caucasian, 7% African American, 18% Hispanic and 9% Asian. ATC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and affords equal opportunity to all applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other status protected under local, state, or federal laws. Our commitment to diversity means actively fostering equality in our daily lives, both professionally and personally:

  • Cultivating inclusivity: Create an environment where everyone always feels heard and included. Encourage all ideas and communicate through differences. We should always empower and uplift one another to ensure we are collaborating as a team.
  • Take action: Continue to promote diversity and inclusion within our organization. Be aware of potential areas where discrimination and unintentional bias can take place and become an advocate for equal treatment of all individuals both in the workplace and in the community.
  • Educate ourselves: Explore the rich histories, cultures, and achievements of diverse groups. Cultivate curiosity, listen to different perspectives, and embrace growth. This deepens our understanding and appreciation for everyone.


FALL 2023

Allied Technologies and Consulting is pleased to receive a subcontract on the OASIS Pool 1 contract to assist Ardent Technologies with support to the Combat Casualty Care Research Program (CCCRP) of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC). The scope of work includes program management and administrative support services to support the Director, CCCRP, in overseeing planning, programming, budgeting and execution (PPBE) of the Army and Defense Health Program investments in casualty care and trauma research. ATC’s employees are coordinating with USAMRDC’s public affairs office to clear articles for public research, developing materials for CCCRP’s website, writing news stories, and assisting in the management of the “Stop the Bleed” program.

ATC is pleased to be in a productive and successful partnership with Ardent, a small business headquartered in Dayton, OH near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  For more information go to



Allied Technologies and Consulting (ATC) participated in the Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) from 14-17 August 2023 in Kissimmee, FL.  This annual conference provides a venue for presenting new scientific knowledge resulting from military-unique research and development.  The MHSRS is the premier military and civilian meeting that focuses specifically on the unique medical needs of the Warfighter, drawing approximately 3,500 attendees every year.  ATC’s Operations and Contracts Manager, Mr. John Sparks, represented ATC’s leadership team by connecting with customers, colleagues, and employees. He was proud to witness the contributions of our employees in support of the Warfighter Protection and Acute Care (WPAC) and Warfighter Expeditionary Medicine and Treatment (WEMT) Project Management Offices (PMOs) at the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (USAMMDA).

In addition to supporting the exhibit booths for these PMOs, ATC employees attended breakout sessions relevant to assigned product areas to gather information and engaged with vendors and researchers to discuss future plans and create important connections.  Examples of programs include battlefield wound infection, rapid donor screening, antiviral therapeutics, snake bite antidotes, and advanced medical monitoring. Our cybersecurity specialist focused on advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision support algorithms. Our team also assisted with poster presentations for noncompressible hemorrhage control, burn treatment and skin repair, and combat wound treatment including fielding questions from conference attendees.



Allied Technologies and Consulting is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Long-Term Administrative Support Contract III (LTASC III), a multiple award IDIQ acquisition vehicle, to provide administrative services on a long-term basis across all Institutes, Centers and Offices (ICs) within the National Institutes of Health (NIH). LTASC III is a mechanism to contract commercially and competitively for administrative support positions. A total of 16 small businesses have received awards for this 5-year contract to provide Administrative Personnel for periods of at least twelve months.

ATC looks forward to providing exceptional administrative support to NIH through this contract vehicle. For more information, go to:



Allied Technologies and Consulting is pleased to receive a subcontract to assist Shield Analysis Technology, LLC with support to the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) Plans, Programs, Analysis, and Evaluation (PPAE) Directorate. This recompete award has a total value of $3.9M and has a base period of one year with three option years. The scope of work includes scientific, technical, administrative and executive consulting support services.  The Shield Analysis team will provide Congressional and scientific advisory support; biomedical research program advisory support; subject matter expert support; and Research, Development, and Acquisition (RDA) support services. USAMRDC’s PPAE Directorate has the mission to responsively and responsibly shape and protect the military medical investment for the development and delivery of healthcare solutions.

ATC has been supporting the USAMRDC PPAE for over 10 years, including almost 5 years with Shield Analysis.  We look forward to a continued partnership with Shield Analysis Technology, a woman-owned and 8(a) certified small business headquartered in Manassas, Virginia.  Shield Analysis has extensive experience in assessing, managing, training, and evaluating intelligence and analysis operations for defense and counterintelligence. For more information go to


FALL 2022

Allied Technologies and Consulting is pleased to receive a subcontract on the OASIS Pool 1 contract to assist Ardent Technologies with support to the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management (DCSRM). This task order has a total value of $6.7M and has a base period of one year with four option years. The scope of work includes financial analysis and reporting, cost accounting and analysis, accounting analysis and reporting, travel support, manpower support, and internal control management and risk analysis.  The DCSRM serves as the operational manager of the USAMRDC’s fiscal and manpower resources and related business practices.  ATC has been supporting the DCSRM for over 10 years and is looking forward to a new partnership with Ardent Technologies.

Ardent is an 8(a) certified small business headquartered in Dayton, OH near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  Ardent provides a full range of IT support services, cybersecurity services, staff augmentation, financial management, and administrative support.  For more information go to



ATC hosted an Employee Appreciation Luncheon in honor of our employees at Dutch’s Daughter. ATC recognized 20 employees for stellar performance, various achievements, and exceptional skill. Awards were given to employees and team leads supporting the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command’s Office of Regulated Activities and Office of the Principal Assistant for Research and Technology.  We also recognized employees supporting the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity as well as the proposal team responsible for our latest Omnibus IV Market Segment 2 contract win. We are so proud of our employees for everything they contribute to our customers and ATC as a small business. We sincerely thank all ATC employees for an incredible year!

With great appreciation, Intisar Abbasi and Dale Vander Hamm



Allied Technologies and Consulting (ATC) is thrilled to announce our OMNIBUS IV Contract for Market Segment 2 Research and Development Support Services award by the Defense Health Agency (DHA). Under this contract, ATC will compete for task orders supporting research and development requirements in the following Capability Areas:

1. Administrative Support Services
2. Information Technology Support Services
3. Scientific and Technical Support Services
4. Facilities Support Services
5. Medical Services Support for Clinical and Research Protocols
6. Supplies and Equipment
7. Logistical Support Services
8. TO Administrative, Technical and Other Support

ATC is proud of our team members and employees whose exceptional skills, performance and qualifications made this important win possible. As a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), we will be eligible to compete for task orders set aside for small businesses as well as unrestricted task orders.  Our current team includes ten diverse small businesses as well as a strong R&D-focused large business. This 10-year contract will help shape the ATC Team’s future.  Stay tuned for more information about our impressive team!



The ongoing pandemic, social isolation due to remote working, and continuing onslaught of “bad news” has made this winter an even more challenging season to endure. The winter months not only leave us deficient of Vitamin D from natural sunlight, but also deprive us of high energy and enthusiasm in the workplace.  Some people find themselves affected by ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ (or SAD – literally), during the colder months and shorter days of the year.  ATC leadership recommends the following steps to fight “SADness”:

1. Make sure that workspaces, whether in the office or at home, have plenty of natural light near windows; use ‘natural’ yellow-based lighting indoors rather than harsh white lightbulbs.

2. Get your blood flowing by taking regular breaks to walk around and stretch; go outside even in cold weather to get some fresh air and embrace the sunlight – this will refresh not only your body, but your brain and spirit.

3. Eat colorful and nutritious food, swapping the junk food at your desk with healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts, and cut vegetables. Recognize that junk food can ‘clog’ your mind and only provides empty calories that drain you of your energy.

4. Connect with co-workers and clients by picking up the phone and having conversations; learn to look forward to the TEAMS meetings that keep your thoughts flowing and improve your concentration and creativity. Stay focused on the importance of your customer’s mission.

If your winter blues is affecting you in a more serious way, please reach out to your healthcare provider. For other tips on combating Seasonal Affective Disorder, go to


FALL 2021

ATC leadership invited our dedicated employees to a group luncheon held at Dutch’s Daughters in Frederick, MD, on December 17. Dr. Dale Vander Hamm took this time to thank employees and remind them that ATC’s overarching quality policy is to consistently make our customers successful. In order to achieve this, we provide an environment that is respectful, courteous, flexible, and promotes efficiency. As a commitment to quality we:

1.   Provide the resources for employees to engage in tasks that successfully meet the requirements of our customers.
2.   Treat our customers as trusted partners so they view our services as value-added.
3.   Provide training to improve the knowledge base and skill set of employees in order for them to excel in all customer and company
4.   Foster teamwork in order to strengthen relationships and develop confidence in individual and group abilities.

ATC leadership expects that all employees will comply with the established Quality Management System with the goal of improving the organization and achieving quality services to our customers. To ensure that the ATC quality policy is successfully implemented, all employees are responsible for understanding and applying the quality policy in the performance of their tasks.



In 2001, we took the risk of forming our own consulting and services corporation.  As retired Army officers, our vision was to deliver exceptional services to support the military medical research, development, and acquisition (RDA) mission. We focused on what we knew best – project management and regulatory affairs support for battlefield military medical RDA programs both overseas and in the continental United States.  Throughout the years, ATC has evolved into a dedicated professional services company focusing on collaboration, hard work, and success in four proficiency areas: Program Management; Technical & Scientific Services; Cybersecurity & IT; and Operations, Logistics, & Lifecycle Management. As we celebrate our 20th year, we thank our employees, clients, and partners for helping us grow as we all work together to serve our ultimate customer – the uniformed service members and their families.

With great appreciation, Intisar Abbasi and Dale Vander Hamm



On June 16, several members of the ATC team were grateful to attend an in-person gathering at Big Cork Winery planned by the Fort Detrick Alliance. It was wonderful to finally connect with old colleagues and meet some new faces on a beautiful late spring evening. The new Executive Director of the Fort Detrick Alliance, Christy Butler, described the challenges that were faced by the organization during the pandemic.  They were able to plan and execute several successful “virtual networking” opportunities.  Sponsors of the event included LMI and UnityTec, each having a table with corporation information.  UnityTec’s President, Joe Dorsey, re-initiated the Catoctin Chapter of the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) in 2015. A future joint networking event will be held on August 12 at Worthington Manor. For more information about both organizations, go to and



ATC was pleased to provide a remote work-center for the SMARTPROC committee to direct the live virtual event on January 22, 2021. SMARTPROC is a low-cost conference that is geared towards small businesses to give them tools and valuable resources to do business with various government entities in the mid-Atlantic region. The 18th annual SMARTPROC GOVCON included over 20 exhibitors and sponsors as well as a full day of speakers, presentations, and panel sessions, reaching approximately 300 virtual attendees. ATC’s facility and conference room was used to run the backend of the event, which had to be held virtually this year due to the global pandemic. The conference committee managed the virtual meeting platform, which included an app, that allowed exhibitors and attendees to communicate and message one another for networking purposes and to ask questions during the discussion board panels. We congratulate Debbie Burrell and Kristin Stevens for executing another successful conference during challenging times. For more information, go to


FALL 2020

ATC employee, Daniel Patterson recently wrote an article that was featured on the reading list of GEN Murray, Commanding General of the U.S. Army Futures Command. The article describes the important efforts of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) to produce 3D-printed nasopharyngeal swabs in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Daniel, an ATC employee working as a contracted subject matter expert, is part of the USAMRDC Additive Manufacturing Working Group and has been working for ATC since September 2019 after graduating from the University of South Carolina-Columbia with a Biomedical Engineering degree. Daniel has recently started a Master’s program in Regulatory Affairs.
ATC is very proud of Daniel’s dedicated and enthusiastic support to U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (USAMMDA). ATC is a Small Business subcontractor to General Dynamic Information Technology (GDIT) on this support services contract.
The full article can be found at:



We are pleased to present our latest capability slip sheets that are designed to complement our updated website and new logo. Our rebranding effort was the result of a year-long team effort facilitated by to create an innovative and eye-catching look emphasizing our motto: “Bringing People and Ideas Together.” As a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), we recognize that our people are our greatest strength. Our new marketing materials include a general Capability Statement supported by individual sheets representing each of our four focus areas: Program Management; Technical and Scientific Services; Cybersecurity and Information Technology; and Operations, Logistics, and Lifecycle Management. To view our marketing sheets, please see our Linked In page at We will be featuring each of these sheets over the next several weeks. Although we are conducting all business development activities remotely at this point, we look forward to future conferences and trade-shows where we will be able to share our new information.

Virtual PDU’s can be Cost Effective


ATC has been taking advantage of remote working and stay-at-home time for employees by encouraging on-line learning. Although in-person adult education is valuable for the social networking connections made, classroom formats can be expensive and time consuming. Typically instructors must charge fees that include facility rental space as well as meals and refreshments. Students also must commute to various locations and in many cases, pay for parking. During the time of COVID restrictions, ATC employees have been taking excellent on-line classes with Pritchard Management Associates for only $20 for 2-hour sessions each resulting in 2 Professional Development Units (PDUs). Our employees who hold Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications must complete 60 PDUs every 3 years. The various topics have included “Sharing Risks and Other Good News”, “Where’s Maslow? Self-Actualization”, “Agile – Not Just for PMs Anymore”, and other interesting and informative topics. We highly recommend Carl Pritchard and would like to share his company website at

What is this New Normal?

APRIL 2020

As we face this unexpected turn of medical and economic events in 2020, we are all pulling together to work toward our new normal. ATC is actively teleworking and permitting the safest environment for our staff. ATC is very grateful for our ability to maintain the support we are providing to the medical research, development and acquisition (RDA) activities for the US Army Medical Research and Development Command, its subordinate activities and the Warfighter as we remain flexible and responsive to facilitate the military medical RDA activities to address the Covid-19 disease.

When and where possible, ATC makes a practice of supporting our local small businesses. We encourage our staff and others to look into those small businesses still open and support them while practicing social distancing. We also want to extend our Extreme gratitude to the integral parts of our community and the world for the essential business providers, our grocery staff and delivery workers, the healthcare staff at all our hospitals, nursing homes, private care givers, our hospital sanitary teams, and the teachers everywhere who have stepped up to continue teaching our younger generations in new ways.

ATC is proud to be a part of the Frederick County Community, and we cannot wait until we are able to step out again, and we encourage everyone to hold strong.

New Allied Technologies and Consulting Website!

MARCH 2020

ATC is very excited to share that we have launched a new face for our ATC website! We are very grateful to Door No. 3 Design, a local Frederick website designer, for their extensive work and wonderful design of our new site. The team of Door No. 3 Design has exceptional creative skills, was easy to work with, and was highly responsive to changes. In addition, several graphics and text elements of the website were created and edited by Mighty Pen, a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB). If you are reading this, you already experiencing the new website and hope that you find it appealing and enjoyable! For more information on these companies, go to https://www.dn3design/ and .

USAMRDC Award Presented to USAMMDA Team


ATC congratulates the Laboratory Assay for Traumatic Brain Injury (LATBI) Fielding Working Group (FWG) for receiving an award for “The Best Staff Support for FY 2019.” We are proud that our employee, Damien Hoffman, is a key member of the FWG which was recognized for their outstanding work ethic, dedication, and performance. This award demonstrates the highest standard of acquisition excellence, reflecting great credit upon the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) and the US Army. ATC extends its gratitude to the team for their commitment to the Warfighter. LATBI is an important acquisition program in advanced development at the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (USAMMDA) under the Project Management Office (PMO) for Warfighter Brain Health (WBH) ATC is a subcontractor to General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) .

Membership Appreciation Event – Fort Detrick Alliance


Allied Technologies and Consulting had the privilege of attending the Fort Detrick Alliance Membership Appreciation Event, which was held at the wonderful National Museum of Civil War Medicine. ATC was honored to be a part of this “Member Only” event and extends a personal thank you to the sponsors, Maryland Department of Commerce and The National Museum of Civil War Medicine, and the Fort Detrick Alliance for hosting the event. We congratulate outgoing President, Hank Abromson, for his excellent service to the Alliance and look forward to continued leadership from incoming President, Dr. Jennifer Staiger. Tours of the museum are highly recommended, go to for more information.

ATC Celebrates Holidays with Employees


December held a festive atmosphere for ATC and that was felt at their Annual Holiday Party, generously hosted by owners Mr. Intisar Abbasi and Dr. Dale Vander Hamm. A wonderful time of fellowship with all ATC employees and family with delightful food, games and laughter. ATC believes in giving back to their staff not only with excellent work as Dr. Dale Vander Hamm described in his speech at the party, but also in joy. Dr. Vander Hamm gave an eloquent speech and discussed ATC’s Quality Management System in a light and cheerful way.

ATC Sponsors Annual SmartProc Conference


ATC has been a dedicated participant and attendee of SMART PROC for many years. This year, ATC was proud to be the Registration Sponsor and the facilitator for one of the small business panels. The 17th Annual SMART PROC GovCON connected attendees with government, academia and industry leaders discussing trends in defense and civilian agency program priorities and upcoming requirements in the Mid-Atlantic region.

ATC Presents New Logo


ATC is proud to share the creation and design of a new face for the company! After careful consideration of the meaning of our company, we present a new logo for Allied Technologies and Consulting, with the word “Allied” being a prominent focus. ATC is a company that believes in unity, diversity, teamwork, and dedication to excellence. We believe that we are stronger when we all work together in a focused manner to solve problems and create innovative solutions. The decision to rebrand with a new logo and website comes along with our entry into the new year and the strength we promote to bring ALLIED teams powering into the new decade!

ATC Attends FITCI and Fort Detrick Alliance Technology Showcase


The Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI) is a business incubator and accelerator designed to cultivate entrepreneurship in Frederick, Maryland. It focuses on supporting the Small Businesses in the area providing the necessary tools for growth and success. ATC employees attended the annual Technology Showcase, a collaborative effort with the Fort Detrick Alliance. ATC is a Three Star Level annual sponsor of the Fort Detrick Alliance.

ATC Participates in the Military Health System Research Symposium


ATC corporate representatives attended the Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) along with several ATC employee representing the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) and the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (USAMMDA). MHSRS is the premier scientific meeting that covers topics such as Combat Casualty Care, Military Operational Medicine, Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine, Medical Simulation and Information Sciences, Military Infectious Diseases and The Radiation Health Effects. Many educational seminars were provided that focused on supporting the Warfighter.

ATC Business Development Team Attends DHITS

JULY 2019

ATC attended the Defense Health Information Technology Symposium (DHITS), a wonderful event open to government, military, and industry IT professionals eager to learn about new developments in their fields. Our team found value in the event with the face-to-face opportunities it provided to network with other professionals committed to the continued success of the Military Health System.

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